Water Treatment

Injection molding is a pivotal technology in the water treatment sector, extensively used to manufacture a variety of essential components such as filter housings, pipe connectors, and valve bodies. 

This production method is favored for its cost-effectiveness, high efficiency, and precision, which are crucial for producing complex shapes in large volumes. 

The process involves using high-quality, corrosion-resistant, and chemically stable plastics that ensure the components can withstand harsh treatment environments and maintain functionality over time.

  • Tolerances as tight as +/- 0.001 in.

  • ISO9001 /ISO16949  Certification.

  • 100% Pre-shipment inspection.

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  • Pioneering manufacturing and processing capabilities that set industry standards.


Heating Chamber
This product is a home underfloor heating water filtration system, primarily designed to filter impurities from the water to ensure smooth pipeline flow. It is required to operate stably under high temperature and pressure for over ten years. At our client's request, we have transitioned from stainless steel to plastic for the tank to reduce costs. After considering the product requirements, we selected 50% glass fiber reinforced nylon as the material. Following prototype testing and trial production, the product preliminarily met our client's specifications. Currently, the product is undergoing a rigorous one-month durability test. If it passes, it could significantly enhance the product's competitive edge, helping our client capture a larger market share.
Head of Water Treatment Filter
This is a large-scale water treatment product called a filter head, where wastewater enters from the top, is pressurized and passes through a reverse osmosis membrane, and then is discharged from the bottom. Impurities are captured on the membrane. Although the material and manufacturing requirements are not excessively demanding, the overall size and weight of the product are considerable. Since it does not use threaded connections, it requires high sealing precision, necessitating extremely precise dimensional standards. Additionally, the material must meet the universal standards for water treatment applications.

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