Injection molding is a widely used manufacturing technique in the home appliance industry, offering significant support for mass production through efficient processes and low manufacturing costs. This technique allows for the production of a diverse range of components, from refrigerator liners and television panels to washing machine casings and complex vacuum cleaner components. Its application not only boosts production efficiency but also significantly cuts costs. 

Furthermore, injection molding enables manufacturers to utilize a variety of plastic materials, including those that are high-temperature resistant, impact-resistant, and high-strength. These materials meet the performance and aesthetic requirements of different home appliance products. Additionally, the injection molding process allows for the integration of various colorants and additives, enabling the direct creation of parts in multiple colors and effects. This capability greatly expands the possibilities for the design and customization of home appliance products.

Environmental protection and sustainability are becoming increasingly important in today's society, and injection molding is adapting to these trends. An increasing number of home appliance manufacturers are now using recyclable or bio-based plastics in their injection molding processes to reduce environmental impact.

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FDM 3D Printer
This is a FDM 3D printer developed in collaboration between our company and a startup, successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter. Throughout the development and production process, we faced numerous challenges, including issues with supplier materials, assembly precision, and pressure on delivery timelines. Through continuous improvement and customer feedback, the product yield rate increased from 78.3% to 99.82%, and costs were reduced by 45%.
This is an automated vending machine designed specifically for women's products. Before the client came to us, they had already had the product designed by another company, but the project stalled for nearly a year. The reason was that the original design was too idealistic to be manufactured on a large scale, coupled with poor operational stability and high costs. After taking over, we retained only the external design and completely redesigned almost all internal aspects, including the circuitry and structure. The revised product successfully passed the prototyping test and was eventually mass-produced.
Card Clean Machine
This was an extraordinary project initiated during the pandemic, involving an automated machine for sanitizing hotel key cards. Initially, the client had another company develop it for about a year, but the results were far from satisfactory. At the end of 2021, they turned to us, hoping we could complete the development. Aside from retaining the machine's external appearance, we completely revised and redeveloped everything internally, from the circuitry to the mechanical components. The client was very satisfied with the prototype. Although the product did not go into mass production due to the end of the pandemic, from a product development perspective, it was still a successful project.

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Requirement Discussion

The client communicates their needs to our Project manager to ensure clarity and understanding.


Solution Provision

We propose tailored solutions that meet the specific demands of the client.


Quotation & Prototyping

We provide a detailed quote and create a prototype for confirmation before proceeding.


Mass Production

Upon approval of the prototype, we proceed with the mass production of the product.

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