Injection molding is increasingly used in the medical industry because it offers an efficient and economical method for manufacturing complex and precise medical devices and components. This technology is particularly suited for producing high volumes of products with excellent consistency, such as medical casings, surgical instruments, diagnostic equipment, and drug delivery systems. 

The choice of injection molding materials is vast, including various biocompatible plastics that not only meet stringent hygiene and safety standards but can also withstand sterilization processes. 

With advances in material science and continuous improvements in injection molding technology, the prospects for its application in the medical field are promising, potentially offering safer and more effective treatment options for patients. 

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Compressor Nebulizer
We have chosen PVC as the material for our nebulizer masks. Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is a commonly used material that is favored for its cost-effectiveness, ease of production, and flexibility. Its transparency ensures that medical personnel can clearly observe the patient's usage status, while its sufficient flexibility and comfort ensure patient comfort during use. Moreover, PVC has good chemical stability, which allows it to resist degradation by various disinfectants, making it highly suitable for medical environments that require frequent cleaning and disinfection.
Reflux Resistance Trainer
This product, designed for GERD training, has undergone extensive development to surpass comparable items on the market by addressing size, functionality, and material challenges. The process evolved from initial sketches and structural design to prototype manufacturing and eventually large-scale production. The greatest challenge encountered was selecting the appropriate spring tension, which is crucial for progressively enhancing the breathing strength required by trainees at different stages of their training. This meticulous development ensures that the product not only meets but exceeds customer expectations in terms of effectiveness and user experience.
Suture anchors
Suture anchors are commonly used medical devices in orthopedic surgery, particularly in joint and soft tissue repair surgeries. They are typically used to securely reattach torn tendons or ligaments back to their original positions on the bone. These anchors are designed to provide stable support, aiding the proper healing of damaged tissues during recovery. We manufacture medical-grade suture anchor handles for our clients, and we provide solutions that include stainless steel + titanium alloy needles to meet their specific needs.


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