IDEAL HARD: Manufacture Excellence

Creating Quality Solutions

Huzhou Dear Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 2008 with an injection molding factory and a die-casting factory, possessing professional injection molding production and zinc/aluminum alloy die-casting production capabilities, as well as corresponding mold design and manufacturing capabilities.

Our excellent business team can fully and efficiently communicate with customers, understand their ideas and intentions, and convey them to our technical department. Our outstanding team of engineers will provide customers with the best solutions based on their professional knowledge and from the perspective of cost, product quality, production stability, and other aspects according to the customers' needs.

Meanwhile, we also possess excellent resource integration capabilities to provide customers with one-stop-service. In our assembly workshop, four assembly lines can assemble parts into finished products and package them for shipping, saving customers the trouble of contacting multiple suppliers.

If you have any procurement or design needs for individual parts or complete products, please feel free to contact us. We are available 24/7 and look forward to communicating with you.

Huzhou 1st Plastic Factory

This is the start of our business, we produce plastic injection products and sell it in domestic market.


Huzhou Tongli Plastic Factory

We move to development zone in Huzhou city, enlarge our production capability and change our name


Huzhou Dear Industry Co.,Ltd.

We start to do business with oversea market customer.


Anji Jisheng Machinery Co.Ltd.

Invest another factory in Anji, to manufacture zinc and aluminium alloy die casting product.



“Ideal-Pro” as a brand name, Based on years of accumulated technical capabilities and supply chain advantages, we began to help customers develop the whole product or project, rather than simply provide individual parts