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Ideal Pro leads in custom plastic injection molding and product design, offering end-to-end solutions from rapid prototyping to full-scale production. Our top-tier design and technical teams specialize in new product development and cost-efficiency strategies across various manufacturing processes including injection molding, CNC, die casting, and sheet metal work. With 16 years of experience and nearly 3000 diverse product developments, our Turnkey Solution Service covers all phases of product development, from design to production. Whether aiding startups, established industry players, or individuals with unique ideas, Ideal Pro is dedicated to delivering customized solutions that ensure client success.

Huzhou 1st Plastic Factory

This is the start of our business, we produce plastic injection products and sell it in domestic market.

Learn More1988-2-10

Huzhou Tongli Plastic Factory

We move to development zone in Huzhou city, enlarge our production capability and change our name

Learn More1998-8-11

Huzhou Dear Industry Co.,Ltd.

We have our new brand name "Ideal-Pro". We began to help customers develop the whole product or project, rather than simply provide individual parts

Learn More2008-8-20

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Dual Expert Customization Service

Every client benefits from the personalized guidance of two dedicated professionals—a engineer and a technical consultant. This customized approach ensures that every phase of the project, from concept to execution, aligns precisely with the client’s specifications, offering a tailored solution that meets their unique needs.


Continuous Value Enhancement Service

Beyond project completion, we engage in ongoing efforts to suggest cost-saving measures and quality improvements. This service underlines our commitment to not just meeting, but exceeding, client expectations by continuously seeking ways to enhance product value and efficiency throughout the production lifecycle.


End-to-End Solution Service

This service offers clients a seamless experience from design to prototyping to mass production. It encapsulates our ability to provide a comprehensive solution that covers every aspect of product development, eliminating the need for multiple vendors and ensuring a cohesive, efficient process.


Fast Value Service

We promise not only the most competitive prices but also the quickest turnaround times in the market. This service highlights our efficiency and responsiveness, ensuring that our clients receive the best value in the shortest possible time, without compromising on quality.


Insight-First Service

By delving deeper into understanding the unspoken needs behind client requests, this service aims to anticipate and fulfill the true requirements that clients themselves may not have identified. It represents our proactive approach to service, where insights lead the way to more effective and satisfying solutions.


Quality Excellence Service

Our unwavering focus on delivering superior quality products defines this service. We commit to upholding the highest standards of quality, ensuring that every product not only meets but surpasses client expectations, reinforcing our dedication to excellence in every aspect of our work.

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