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Traditional fitness equipment is primarily made of metal, but the introduction of injection molding has diversified the design and manufacturing of home gym equipment, offering a variety of colors and styles. 

Injection molding uses high-strength plastics like polycarbonate and ABS, enabling the production of lightweight yet sturdy components such as dumbbell handles, resistance band grips, and other adjusters and supports. These components are often ergonomically designed to enhance comfort and functionality during use. 

Moreover, injection molding allows for the creation of customized colors and designs to meet individual preferences and aesthetic requirements. Overall, injection molding significantly improves the manufacturing efficiency of home gym equipment, optimizing both performance and appearance to meet the high standards of modern households. 

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Adjustable Kettlebell Handle
Our client tasked us with developing an Adjustable Kettlebell that allows users to adjust the weight by adding or removing plates after loosening the nut at the base. This product may seem straightforward to produce, but it presents its unique challenges. The thickness of the handle exceeds the standard for conventional injection molding processes, and to maintain the product's integrity, the client stipulated that hollowing out the interior for reinforcement was not permissible. To address these production challenges, we opted for an ABS foaming technology. This technique prevented surface shrink marks, ultimately fulfilling the client's requirements and ensuring a high-quality end product.
Portable Home Gym
This is a portable fitness board suitable for use at home or in the office. It employs resistance bands for strength training and features motion sensors that transmit resistance data to a smartphone. Users can monitor their pull strength for each exercise and track their daily or monthly fitness activity. The product's greatest challenge lies in designing an internal mechanism within the plastic board that can adjust and stabilize the tension. Additionally, the fitness board must withstand up to 50kg of pull on one side without deforming, posing a significant challenge to the overall design and material selection.

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