Our injection-molded products are widely used across various industries, although I cannot list all examples here. In recent years, due to heightened environmental regulations in some countries, there has been a decrease in the use of plastics as raw materials. However, many countries have well-established recycling mechanisms for plastic products, meaning that these products are not entirely detrimental to the environment. Moreover, unless specifically requested by the customer, the plastics we use are always recyclable and made from new materials.

The principle of injection molding is quite straightforward: plastic particles are melted at high temperatures and injected into molds, where they are then pressurized and cooled to form the final product. While this process may seem simple, it involves numerous technical details. Product design constitutes 30% of the development process, mold design and production account for 40%, and the final manufacturing process makes up the remaining 30%. If there are issues in the product design phase, more effort and money will need to be spent on mold design and final production, and the results may still not be ideal. Similarly, even if the product design is flawless, defects in mold design can sometimes make it impossible to achieve the desired outcomes, regardless of adjustments in the manufacturing process.

Therefore, excellent injection-molded products are based on precise product design, with a focus on mold design and manufacturing, and are completed through meticulous injection molding processes. Each step is critical and interconnected. Ideal Pro's Plastic Injection Molding services can assist you throughout the entire production process, offering answers to any questions and providing sensible recommendations, making us a reliable partner for your needs. 

  • Tolerances as tight as +/- 0.001 in.

  • ISO9001 /ISO16949  Certification.

  • 100% Pre-shipment inspection.

  • Highly trusted by 100+ leading companies for our reliable services.

  • Pioneering manufacturing and processing capabilities that set industry standards.


Plastic Part
This is a standard injection-molded product, and due to confidentiality requirements, the client did not disclose its specific application. What makes this product unique is that its mold was initially created by another supplier, but the actual product quality did not meet the client's standards. As a result, the client chose us, transferring the mold from the other supplier in hopes that we could resolve the quality issues. Although mold design, which accounts for 40% of product quality, makes this task challenging, we eventually succeeded in solving the client's problem perfectly. Feel free to read the following article to learn more.
Skincare Bottle
This is a very simple cosmetic bottle produced by injection molding. The bottle is made of ABS material and features surface printing. Due to the presence of threads and the high quantity required, we use an automatic mold rotation for demolding, which significantly increases production efficiency. The critical requirement for this product is that the surface must be smooth and free of impurities, which is a consistent standard in the cosmetics industry.

Reach out to our dedicated project manager right now, and they will provide you with quotes and personally manage your projects. Our advisory services ensure a smooth journey, fast-tracking the achievement of your rapid prototyping and mass production needs  


Requirement Discussion

The client communicates their needs to our Project manager to ensure clarity and understanding.


Solution Provision

We propose tailored solutions that meet the specific demands of the client.


Quotation & Prototyping

We provide a detailed quote and create a prototype for confirmation before proceeding.


Mass Production

Upon approval of the prototype, we proceed with the mass production of the product.

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