Injection molding has been a pivotal technology in advancing the automotive industry. This manufacturing process allows for the high-volume production of complex, precision parts with excellent finish quality, essential for modern vehicles. 

By utilizing thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers, injection molding offers the versatility to create durable components that can withstand the rigorous demands of automotive use, including dashboards, bumpers, and various interior and exterior trims. 

The efficiency and scalability of injection molding have enabled automakers to reduce costs, enhance design flexibility, and accelerate product development cycles, significantly contributing to the rapid evolution and increased sustainability of the automotive sector.

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Battery Pack Mounting Bracket
In electric vehicle design, the choice of material for the battery pack mounting bracket is crucial as it needs to protect the battery from physical damage while ensuring its stability and safety. Nylon exhibits excellent heat resistance and high mechanical strength, which enables it to withstand the high temperatures that may occur during battery operation. It also provides reliable protection for the battery pack during bumps or minor collisions while driving. These properties ensure that the mounting bracket does not deform due to heat or get damaged by impact, playing a key role in safeguarding the battery's safety and extending its lifespan.
Rear HVAC complete unit 

The Rear HVAC complete unit is a component of vehicle air conditioning systems, specifically designed to control the temperature and air circulation in the rear part of a vehicle. The housing of this component needs to be lightweight, have good insulation properties, and balance strength and durability with heat resistance and corrosion resistance. After considering these requirements, we selected Abstron HI40H ABS material for the casing. Practical application has indeed proven the effectiveness of this material in this domain.

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