Yes, we can easily guide the idea being changed into the actual product. Matters everyone starting from designing and finishing with packaging is included. Nonetheless we recommend our clients to completely reflect on their concept, definitely specify their needs and identify product’s feasibility for market effectively ahead of schedule. Generally, creating any product(s) necessitates considerable inputs and investments from both sides, the main goal of which is that is advantageous to all.
We are provided with the opportunity of witnessing these incidents on a daily basis . Some design creations happen at a low cost and without the added price, but humongous changes could force a total re-establishment the design, and thus, the price would arise. As a result, customers is encouraged to write about their ideas in detail and later discuss them with our technical fans. These advisers will help the clients to sort out the technical details and make practical recommendations.
Indeed, we can solve all the problems. On top of our in-house injection molding and CNC machining service, we also maintain our strong partners all the way from the supply chain. Ours company has a quality control specialists who checks all incoming material and finished items. We also have assembly and packaging lines on offer, and we will be more than happy to welcome pre-shipment examinations by you or any third party to ensure that they are simply satisfied with all their needs, worries free.
A good number of our business partners exhibit a desire to know more after they have taken necessary steps and commissioned the design of their products from other companies. Earlier, most designs don’t consider processes such as tooling for injection molding, sheet metal or peripheral machining due to their unfeasibility for mass production. Later, some designs can directly be manufactured; however, they need refinement and cost-effectiveness for the assembly line. In this respect one should expect this work must be very laborious in order to manufacturable the designs for mass production.
The process involves several steps: 1)Customer specifies exactly what is needed; 2)We inform and discuss on the development plan; 3)We initially produce sketches; 4)We then work out structural and electrical aspects in details; 5)We make a prototype for approval; 6)We check and solve all issues, compleatig a second one if the first one is necessary; 7)Once the sample is the way
As for first I will examine the mold where it is located by determining the issues and the situation. Sometimes, the grade of the mold and the quality breed of the mold decide the final manufacturing product. If the mold design or quality doesn't meet our needs, we might have to refine it, upgrade or even replace the mold to get the job done right.
Of course, this is a brief background of what we do, we manage and find solutions for our clients on supply chain, which ranges from production, supply, shipping.
We can agree to this. If an individual has to make financial contribution to the research and design of the product, the intellectual property rights should then be rightfully owned by the client.