FDM 3D Printer Design And Development

The 3D printer project was an early design and production collaboration with a startup company. When this startup approached us, they urgently needed us to create a prototype for them within a short time frame for crowdfunding on Kickstarter. We responded swiftly and met their needs within a week, ultimately helping them successfully raise $500,000 on Kickstarter.

The client was very satisfied with our cooperation and manufacturing capabilities and wished to continue working with us. They entrusted us with the production of all plastic components inside the printer, including the larger casings. We improved upon the client's design by reducing weight and hollowing out the injection molded parts to ensure the design was suitable for injection molding processes. The mold development and sample production went very smoothly. However, we encountered difficulties during the surface spraying process. The client wanted two black decorative strips on the product casing, but during the spraying process, it was easy to accidentally spray black plastic powder onto other white areas, which was difficult to remove. Ultimately, we used adhesive tape on the areas that did not require spraying, removing the tape after spraying, which, although slightly cumbersome, ensured the quality of the finish.

                   We helped our client introduce 3D printer to Students in China

After resolving the spraying issue, the client proposed that we take over the entire production process, including the plastic parts and some CNC machined components, while integrating other parts like circuits and motors through their current or our supply chains. We were also responsible for assembly, testing, packaging, and directly shipping the finished products to the client's distributor warehouses for sale. This request also reflected the deep trust the client had in us.Developing and producing complex new products like 3D printers is full of challenges. Throughout the production process, we encountered several issues, including:

  1. Supplier material issues. Due to small initial quantities, some suppliers could not meet our quality or delivery expectations.
  2. Assembly precision issues. Some initial designs were overly idealistic, making assembly difficult and reducing yield rates.
  3. Delivery timeline issues. As the client was a startup, they often underestimated market demand, giving us insufficient production time, which increased our costs and lowered yield rates.

As the product went to market, we continued to monitor issues during production, actively listening to consumer and client feedback, and making reasonable suggestions for modifications. This not only improved product quality but also effectively reduced costs. The product's yield rate increased from an initial 78.3% to 99.82%, and costs were reduced by 45% from the start.We clearly understand that our goals align with those of our clients: to provide high-quality products to end consumers and ensure the successful market launch of developed products. This is the core of our "Turnkey Solution Service" philosophy.