Smart Home Gym design and development

This Smart Home Gym is an innovative product developed in collaboration with our client. Users stand on the device's fitness board and perform exercises by pulling resistance bands of varying tensions attached to the board. The board is equipped with two sensors that accurately detect the tension of each pull, and this data is transmitted in real time to a mobile app. The app displays the tension of each exercise and the total daily exercise amount, making it perfect for home use.

The product's design highlights include its portability, ability to accommodate multiple types of strength training, and equipped tension sensors, allowing users to view detailed training data on their mobile devices. 

To ensure the product is both compact and durable, the fitness board is designed to withstand up to 500kg of pressure. Ingeniously, a 3mm thick steel plate was added to the bottom of the board, with the tension meter mounted on it, and the hooks connecting the resistance bands linked directly to the tension meter, ensuring all tension is directly supported by the steel plate. 

Additionally, we chose a special type of ABS material that is 40% more impact-resistant than standard ABS and reinforced the bottom of the board for extra support.In our first prototype, we even tested the board by driving a vehicle over it, and it remained undamaged, proving that the product's strength met our expectations. 

In selecting sensors, considering that most market-available tension sensors are expensive and overly sophisticated for our needs, we opted for a pressure sensor instead. By slightly modifying its output properties, it could also measure tension, and it cost only one-tenth of mainstream tension sensors. This innovative approach was validated through experimentation.

Ultimately, the design and production of the product were highly successful, meeting all initial design requirements and receiving high praise from the client. If you have product development needs or any questions or ideas about a product, please contact Ideal Pro. With over 3000 successful cases, we are your most reliable partner!