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1. Material: Plastic

2. Waterproof and scratch-resistant

3. Professional manufacturer/service

4. Manufacturer: more than 20 years of production experience

5. Low price, high quality, durable

6. Various shapes, designs and sizes are available according to customer requirements

3D printing (3DP) is a kind of rapid prototyping technology. It is a technology that uses powdered metal or plastic and other bendable materials to construct objects based on digital model files by printing layer by layer.

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What is 3D printing?


3D printing technology will enable plastic and metal parts and even the entire product of such materials to be printed using laser printers similar to ink jet printers and our current laser printers for outputting documents and photos.


China Maching distributor Advantages of 3D printing:


1. Simplification of the production of complex parts: The application of 3D technology has made it possible to make many complicated parts before, such as the propeller of a submarine. If it is made according to traditional manufacturing methods, parts with complex structures need to go through many steps and methods. Forming, but 3D printing can be easily done.

China Maching distributor

2. Reduced the cost of certain processes: Especially in many industries that require styling to confirm the appearance and function of the product, the arrival of China Zinc Die casting supplier 3D printing technology is undoubtedly a boon. For example, if we design a bicycle, It is a traditional manufacturing method, which must be achieved through CNC machining or mold opening to achieve the production of the first version of the prototype. This investment is very large. If it is not successful, the initial investment is basically invalid, and the manufacturing cycle is also very long. But 3D printing technology can easily solve this problem and realize low-cost, short-period sample production, which is a very significant advantage of 3D printing.


3. Simplify the process of parts manufacturing: traditional parts production requires multiple processes such as material preparation, part modeling, machining, heat treatment, etc., while 3D printing technology can match multiple processes and reduce it to a large extent The process of parts production is improved, which is beneficial to the cost saving of parts.




Even many products that cannot be completed by traditional production methods can be realized by HUZHOU DEAR INDUSTRY CO.,LTD 3D printing technology, which is undoubtedly a revolution for the manufacturing industry.

China Maching distributor

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