Cost Reduction through Heating Chamber Redesign

This product is a home underfloor heating water filtration chamber we developed upon our client’s request. Originally made of stainless steel, our client wanted a cost-effective alternative without compromising on competitiveness, leading us to design and manufacture an injection-molded chamber.The development faced two main challenges:

  1. The product needed to operate stably at 1.5 MPA pressure and 90 degrees Celsius.
  2. The product quality had to ensure continuous operation for over ten years.

After discussions in our technical department, we decided to use 50% glass fiber-reinforced nylon as the material. This type of nylon is known for its strength, thermal stability, and chemical resistance, making it an ideal choice for applications exposed to high temperatures and pressures for extended periods. The addition of glass fibers significantly enhances the material’s mechanical properties, such as tensile strength and rigidity, ensuring that the filtration system can withstand harsh conditions throughout its expected lifespan.

Once the material was selected, we proceeded with the design and manufacturing of the prototype. Considering the need to connect the chamber with copper parts and the client's requirement for accessing the interior to remove impurities, we opted to embed a compatible threading inside the plastic chamber to ensure a reliable seal. Although this design choice increased costs and production complexity, it proved to be a prudent attempt to avoid potential sealing issues between the plastic and copper during threaded connections.

The initial model underwent extensive testing to evaluate its performance under simulated operational conditions. Following successful prototype testing, we initiated a small-scale trial production to further verify the production process and the final product’s performance. This phase allowed us to fine-tune manufacturing parameters and implement essential quality control measures for mass production.The product is currently undergoing a rigorous one-month durability test, including pressure cycles, temperature fluctuations, and chemical exposure to simulate a decade of operation. This plastic replacement not only enhances the product's competitive edge but may also help our client capture a larger market share. As a supplier with over 30 years of experience in injection molding, if you need to reduce component costs, contact us. Ideal-Pro is your reliable partner in the field of injection molding.