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The evolution of a design based on the client’s idea and input

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ROBO 3D Printer

ROBO 3D was another start-up company which contacted us in 2012. We collaborated with them, providing assistance in design and functionality, and in February of 2013 they ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of the first version of the printer. In 2016 they ran another successful Kickstarter campaign to fund production of an improved model. In 2017 the company had an IPO in Australia.

Some of our well-established clients in Europe

We also work with well-established companies who have reputations for being rigorous and exacting regarding the quality and utility of their products..

Other cooperation
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Kickstarter and Indiegogo

BODYBOSS was a start-up company 3 years ago. It’s CEO, Ross, contacted us and requested we help develop a portable home gym product. The 1st picture on the left is the idea he provided. We helped him develop the design and Ross used Kickstarter to make it happen. One year later we introduced an improved second version, which was an even larger success. In May of 2019 version 3 will be introduced, and it even incorporates a smartphone app.

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